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Zapping the Covid-19 Virus 

My House From the Satellite - Zentangled

Zentanglements - The Three Laws Of Consciousness For Smarties (Tm) 

by Michael Mathiesen


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It may be surprising, even amazing to you, as it was to myself that the Three Laws of Consciousness have never been uncovered until now. It's something that the wisest among us for thousands of years have been trying to define them. I believe they had to be revealed at just the right moment - just before we kill everything we know and love on this planet.

After reading this book I guarantee you will know more about the universe than Albert Einstein did when he died in 1957 

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My Zentangled drawing of your average Galaxy

zentanglements, the zen of quantum physics, for smarties

What's the meaning of this?

"Atomic Collage"

My impression of the God Particle

The Zinc Spark announces each and every one of us into the universe.

NOW, you can have the Zinc Spark Collage hanging in your LIVING ROOM!

 - My Illustration of the Milky Way Galaxy -

Can you guess what this is a Zentanglement of?

Zentangled Yin-Yang, Zen, Zentanglements

Zentangled Nobel Prize Winning Mathematical Formula

Zero to the power of Infinity = Any Number in the Universe

The Force In Star Wars?  

Cover of a Previous Work of mine - Extinction Live 

The Milky Way Galaxy in Collision with the Sagittarius Cloud


I designed this for my driveway and then it became this Zentangled work of art 

My collage of a Picasso Masterpiece

4 strokes of the pen - Count 'Em

What does it all mean?

- You need the book -

' Zentanglements - The Three Laws Of Consciousness For Smarties'  (Tm) 





Saturday, November 20, 2021

Major Zoom Event Dec. 15 1:00 PM PST - 4:00 EST - Be there or be squared as in E=mc2 - New Formula for the Universe revealed.

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WED. DEC 15 at 1:00 PM PST, 4:00 PM EST

I am the discoverer of the Three Laws of Consciousness the only laws in the universe that cannot be disobeyed.  They are important for us  to understand because without the Laws of Consciousness - all the known laws of Physics cannot exist and everything is Chaos.

Zentanglements - The Three Laws of Consciousness For Smarties explains the culmination of thousands of years of human evolution and scientific discoveries and where it comes from.  

 When you finish reading this book - and if you've absorbed the lessons therein, you will know more than Albert Einstein did when he died in 1957.   We say that everything is Zentangled and that means everything and everyone.  If you have ever been stirred by the creative forces inside you or wanted to be so stirred - this book could unleash that power in you and it is the intent of the author to do just that.

After reading this book I guarantee you will know more about the universe than Albert Einstein did when he died in 1957 -

This book is actually a private tour of the universe as presented to me by doodles (Zentanglements) that I have made over the years in the pursuit of illustrating these abstract ideas of Cosmology, Astrophysics, Quantum Physics, etc.  I have also made the Zentanglements available for purchase for anyone who wants or needs a constant reminder of where they are in the universe in relation to everything else and want that reminder hanging on their wall. 

If you are interested in the new discoveries in Science and their place in the great marketplace of ideas - you found the right book.  I am not, nor have I ever been an academician and therefore have always thought independently.  And so, I have determined that there are laws of Consciousness, just as there are laws of Physics.  The only difference is that the Laws of Consciousness must be obeyed by every particle in the universe first.  Then, this obedient behavior appears to us as the Laws of Physics.  In reality, all subatomic particles and all the planets and galaxies in this universe are part of the Cosmic Consciousness that created everything out there including you and me.

Mathematical proof of these claims has come to me grudgingly and piecemeal over the course of my life's work.  But, in this book, I can now publish the mathematical proof of Cosmic Consciousness and how it applies to your every day life.

This begins my book series intended for 'Smarties' because dummies are probably too busy with lesser ideas to appreciate the most important aspect of life.  More titles under the Smarties trademark will be published soon but this title will always be the flagship and we suspect the most important book in the series.  Therefore, if you consider yourself to be a smart person, we invite you to participate in this adventure.  As you will find out - as you read through the book - nothing happens by accident and therefore it is no coincidence that the scientific discoveries discussed here, such as the LIGO experiment, the Zinc Spark, Entangled electrons and photons, happened at this particular time in our evolution where everything appears to be unraveling for our species.

We are at a crossroads in history.  There is a mass hysteria taking hold of more and more of us.  Yet, we have now acquired the technology to make this planet a utopian paradise, if we merely applied ourselves and put aside our lesser instincts of greed, abuse of power, apathy and addiction.

It is interesting to me that the Three Laws of Consciousness is revealed to us through scientific discovery at the precise moment in evolution where the intelligence that has evolved on this planet now seems hell-bent on destroying the greatest gift of Consciousness they can have.  

Three Laws of Consciousness:

1.  Consciousness Creates All Things
2.  Consciousness Connects All Things
3.  Consciousness Consists Of All Things

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