Sunday, May 29, 2022

Zentanglements - New Book about The Three Laws of Consciousness

 Zentanglements - New Book about The Three Laws of Consciousness

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Zentanglements - The Three Laws of Consciousness for Smarties - by Michael Mathiesen Coming to a book store near you.  Best new Amazon, Audible and Google Book to come along in years. Best-selling-books for 2022 is just over the Amazon Books List.  Greatest way to save the planet is written all over and through these pages.

The Three Laws of Consciousness

1.  Consciousness Creates All Things.

2.  Consciousness Connects All Things.

3.  Consciousness Consists of All Things.

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SINCE authoring Zentanglements - I recently published

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My Cosmic Brain is a Science Fiction Novel where in the very near future, my hero discovers the 2nd Big Bang after placing his brain inside an aquarium for further scientific study.  In this state of Consciousness - the highest form ever recorded, he is able to 'see' without his eyes and instead sense a world beyond your wildest dreams.  

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@aplusk -Thoughts from My Cosmic Brain - Ukraine will become the new USA by overthrowing their tyrannical Oppressor just as we did in 1776.

MY ADVICE to them is NOT to copy our Constitution because even though it's the best one in the world as far as granting some pretty basic rights to its citizens, which we now all take for granted - it also allows for ONE MAN RULE. Mitch McConnell for example - now an APPOINTED CONTROLLER of all LEGISLATION - blocks nearly everything that we should have had decades ago - like preventing guns and other murderous weapons getting into the hands of children and the mentally ill.

HUNDREDS OF OTHER EXAMPLES. If you think about it - this is the OPPOSITE of Democracy. Who allows Mitch McConnell to have all this power and control over us? They do - all of them in Congress because this is NOT in the CONSTITUTION anywhere. It's merely TRADITION of the Senate. They make the rules and no one can break them, even though they are totally UNCONSTITUTIONAL.

END THOUGHTS from My Cosmic Brain.

Thursday, May 26, 2022

My latest book - My Cosmic Brain - On Amazon NOW - What's in my Cosmic Brain needs to be consumed by your cosmic brain - Let's GO - Here's to the 2nd Big Bang.

  My Cosmic Brain - by Michael Mathiesen 

New Science Fiction for those who yearn for a better future.  It's coming!

My Cosmic Brain - The 2nd Big Bang

My Cosmic Brain - New Science Fiction Novel that predicts the 2nd Big Bang - BIGGEST, BEST, HOTTEST new book to hit the market now on Amazon - Audible (Soon) and Google Books. 

IF I told you there is a 2nd Big Bang and it's coming at us right now - would you believe me?

New Science Fiction (Fact?) GOES LIVE 




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